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If I wrote you a letter

With blood as my ink 

Would you ask if I’m all right?

Would it make your heart sink?

If I sang you a song

With lyrics of cries, 

Would it phase you I’m breaking?

Would you look me in the eye?

If I told you a story 

Of a girl about to die

Would you realize that it’s me?

That I’m giving in tonight.

If one night I said

That you’d never see me again,

Would you think I was bitter?

Or see a broken heart within?

So when you see me in my casket

And read the note I left behind,

Will you remember all of our good times?

Will you wish you could rewind?

Will you cherish all the things that I loved?

Will you carry me in your heart?

Will you smile when you hear my name?

Or will the though tear you apart?

That Girl

     And suddenly, she became distant. Unrecongnizable. Something switched off inside of her. Nobody knew what happened to her or what changed her. But, undoubtedly, something big had taken place and burned her out. Now, she’s far from what she once was. She doesn’t even know who she is anymore. The things she said she’d never give a second thought to, she is considering. And the things she said she’d never do, she is doing them. 

    Suddenly the things that she has lived with her whole life, are becoming the root of her anger. It consumes her life. She pushes people away because she doesn’t want anybody to truly see the monster she’s become. She’s looking at the world from the outside and the scary part is…that girl is me.



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Friendships aren’t perfect 

Friends do fight

Even if they try not to

With all their might

Some may never be 

What they used to be

But I guess that’s life

Because that’s you and me

We used to laugh and play

Because we thought we were friends forever

But now one person stole that friendship

So now we’re never together

I try to hang around you

But I just get blown away

It happens every day

It even happened today.